Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Final Two Books + Special Deals!

Lame House Press is excited to announce the forthcoming release of its final two books: Laura Theobald's edna poems (March 2016) and Mel Bentley's Bucolic Eclogue (May 2016). Both books are now available for pre-order along with some special deals.

Laura Theobald

Laura Theobald is the author of the best thing ever (Boost House) and eraser poems (H_NGM_N). She is an MFA candidate at LSU, where she serves as the current Editor of New Delta Review. She is also Assistant Editor of Spooky Girlfriend Press, a ​Book Designer for BOAAT, and a freelance Editor and Book Designer.

Mel Bentley

Mel Bentley's book Obstacle, Particle, Spectacle was released from 89plus/Luma Foundation. Chapbooks &parts and Stub Wilderness were released from Damask Press and Well Greased Press, respectively. Vitrine released "Red Green Blue" a tape of noises. They co-organize Housework at Chapterhouse, a reading series in Philadelphia.



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