Monday, December 01, 2014

Now Available: Daniel Beauregard's HELLO MY MEAT

Daniel Beauregard's chapbook HELLO MY MEAT is now available from Lame House Press.

Featuring art by Guy Benjamin Brookshire

Release date: December 15, 2014

$6.50 (+$1.50 shipping)

Read selections from HELLO MY MEAT at Ilk Journal and Smoking Glue Gun.

Advance praise for HELLO MY MEAT:

“I really love Dan Beauregard’s poems! His new chapbook, HELLO MY MEAT, is like Melville &/or Olson in a blender—a brilliant & gutsy whirlwind. Or maybe a kind of 21st-century Wasteland without Eliot’s preaching & pomposity? These lines from the first poem also apply to our experience of reading the chapbook: “tumult came / to us, as though outside our portholes / tearing the window without losing a finger.” I’m both happy to have my digits intact and thrilled to have experienced HELLO MY MEAT.” - Bruce Covey, author of Change Machine

"What is a crop circle but an unexpected transmission to and from somewhere else? What is a crop circle but a William Burroughs throw rug? Isn't it a "well fed flabby throng of violent colors?" Isn't corn / also fucking gasoline?  A chunk of animal /  heat covers the world /  the soft cheek of the world / and no one alive / can say where it comes. According to Daniel Beauregard's Hello My Meat, the meat, the thick, marbled line, the poem, it emerges from Boats / CUT UP  / Their Sound / Arranged. It comes from cruel taskmasters and shaggy ponies and a hog of great black butterflies. I love a waterfall / the sea that drips its rejoined parts. I love a poem / a starving dog licking / my eyelid." - Carrie Lorig, author of The Pulp Vs. The Throne

Daniel Beauregard lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he runs a small press called OOMPH! that focuses on contemporary poetry in translation. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in H_NGM_N, Smoking Glue Gun, NAP, ILK, Poor Claudia, Everyday Genius, and elsewhere. His chapbook Before You Were Born is available from 421 Atlanta


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