Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Now available: Your Sorcerer's Way by Ben Somers

From Your Sorcerer's Way:

or, The Ocean at Night Looks Quite Black

There is a shuffling
in my

gut. It sounds

like when my dog
chased a rabbit

through the park
and pursued it

a river.

It sounded like

on chalk
board; darts

in a chalk board,
surf on a wake


Your Sorcerer's Way is now available in a limited edition of 100.

About the author: A Michigan native, Ben Somers received his MFA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2010. He currently writes, lives, and works in New York City. He likes his pizza New York and his hotdogs Chicago.The chapbook is available in a limited edition of 100.

Cost: $5 + $1 shipping
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