Saturday, September 30, 2006


Pending any unforeseeable delays, Lame House will release two new chapbooks on Friday October 13th:

Karl Parker's HARMSTORM (Lame House #4)


Alli Warren's Cousins (Lame House #5)




This is not the news, not to say
you didn't already know that

but as you said it's hard to know how
and exactly who to trust with such

information as does not become us
necessarily normally anyway.

Some procedures don't grow old.
Include those who died today.

Literally everything that happened
to bend your vectored view

suffusing red. Make all allowances
you like and need to move through.

Across the way they see things there
we are.


from Cousins

The Contents of the Handbag

My little legs were working
My numbers kept increasing
I was coming on like gangbangers
I was slated for major redevelopment

Something rising up warm on my right
Something trustworthy dipped in honey

Gradually the little ones in their ambulances
Goats galloping and or cajoling home
Nevermind the heart murmur
I too am a rabbit


Also, please scroll down to see Karl Parker's "Incident," also from HARMSTORM.

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