Saturday, July 22, 2006


Forthcoming in August, two titles from Lame House Press:

Code Over Code by Michael Sikkema
HARMSTORM by Karl Parker

Sneak Previews:

from Code Over Code


I wanted everything with you to be nicely round in a square of berry patch,

dirt and sky.

Or the taqueria.

Deplorable neighbors with phones, those faces. Will this ache heal or stop?

I ask for a working fear of white cars and loud noises as the rain stretches a lake sideways.

Everything is––

––is the light better there?

The chime takes the toll gets worse,

time rakes the coals then sets curse, a mime with a mole and jest sores.

The first whorls come easiest without a map

because division is how one gets here.




The bodies were blown back from the tankard.

Drilling was hard going but at least it made work.

Someone was making a comeback. Come home!

Boys and girls turned green and were gone.

Times was when there wasn't anymore of this.

That was soon or barely lasted.

Day came hard across the pointed tents; dawn veined.

Someone was making a come back. Come home.

Boys and girls turned green and were gone.

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